Thursday, February 2, 2012

This Week: Ethics in the News

Highlights some of the week's top ethical news stories. 

Have politicians become exempt from standards of personal ethics? Although Romney attacks Gingrich’s character, voters are surprisingly compassionate. 
read more.....Boston Herald – Ethics Curve Suits Newt

Is Romney’s ethics investigation accurate? 
read more......Washington Post - Romney Gets the Facts Wrong on Gingrich’s Ethics Case

Slammed with allegations of unethical labor practices in China, Apple seems to be revising their standards. What does this mean for “fraud-friendly” nations?
read more....Huffington Post - Apple's Ethical Blindness

Scientists claim that sugar is as detrimental to health as alcohol and tobacco. Should sugar be similarly regulated? 
read more......The Guardian - Tax and regulate sugar like alcohol and tobacco, urge scientists
Source: FAO
Despite recent rules meant to diminish the influence of corporations in Washington, politicians continue to find rewards. 
read more....NYT - Rules for Congress Curb but Don’t End Junkets 
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