Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Music for youth – Mariangela Jordan 12C and Ariel Wolpe 12C gather instruments for Burmese refugees

Imagine arriving in a new country, barely able to speak the language, confused by unfamiliar customs and dress, puzzled by strange foods, and awestruck by the barrage of words and sounds coming at you from all directions.  You might feel disoriented and unable to focus.  Then imagine how a different sound greets your ears, a universal sound that you can understand . . . the sound of music.  And suddenly, through this global language of music, communicating gets that much easier.
For a young group of young Burmese refugees here in Atlanta, the sound ofmusic soothing their transition to their new homeland.  Through her affiliation with Voices in the Treetops, Mariangela Jordan 12C is helping these young refugees gain self confidence by experimenting with music.  The program is housed by the Clarkston Community Center.
Ethics & the Arts Society President Mariangela Jordan and Sacred Artistry President, Ariel Wolpe, project for Burmese refugees highlighted by Emory Alumni Association.

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