Monday, February 27, 2012

Emory Center for Ethics: Upcoming Events February 29 - March 7

February 29 - "Tangled in the Briar Patch"
Location: Center for Ethics Room 102
Synopsis: The beloved Br’er Rabbit stories have been interpreted and presented in many different ways throughout the years. Join us for “Tangled in the Briarpatch: Tricksters, Underdogs, and Br'er Rabbit” an ethical exploration of the Br’er Rabbit stories accompanied by storytelling by Wren’s Nest Rambler, Akbar Imhotep, and a performance of an excerpt from The Atlanta Opera’s Rabbit Tales, an opera for children.

This program, a collaboration between The Atlanta Opera and the Center for Ethics, is presented through the Center’s Ethics & the Arts Initiative and with financial support from the Georgia Humanities Council.

March 1 - Lecture with Susan M. Reverby, Ph.D.
Lecture Title: 
"Escaping Melodramas: The U.S. STD 1946-48 Experiments in Guatemala and their Aftermath"Time:5:00pm
Location: Emory School of Medicine - Room 120

Synopsis: Between 1946 and 1948, the U.S. Public Health Service conducted human subject experiments in Guatemala that involved the use of diseased sex workers, inoculation of unsuspecting subjects with bacterial inoculum, and failure to treat participants when infection followed.  The results of the study were never published and the study was unknown until historian of medicine Susan M. Reverby unexpectedly discovered records of the study among the PI's papers at the University of Pittsburgh.  In this lecture, Reverby will discuss how she found the papers, brought them to the attention of the CDC, and witnessed the aftermath--apologies at the federal level and the swift investigation by the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues, of which the Vice Chair is Emory President James W. Wagner.

Co-sponsored by:  The Emory University IRB, the Emory University Center for Ethics, and the Rollins School of Public Health

March 3 - Atlanta Music Project Winter Concert
Time: 2:00pm
Location: Emory University Center for Ethics
Following the performance, there will be a reception and unveiling of a photo exhibit chronicling the first year of the Atlanta Music project, by AMP Photographer, Carlton Mackey.

Presented by the Center's Ethics and Arts Initiative and in collaboration with the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs.


March 7 - Lecture with Jason Karlawish, MD
Lecture Title: "Open Wound: The Tragic Obsession of Dr. William Beaumont"
Time: 4:00pm
Location: Center for Ethics Commons 102

Synopsis: Jason Karlawish will read from and discuss his recently published novel "Open Wound: The Tragic Obsession of Dr. William Beaumont." Based on true events along the 19th century American frontier, Open Wound artfully fictionalizes the complex, lifelong relationship between Dr. Beaumont and his famous patient Alexis St. Martin, a young fur trapper whose shotgun injury never completely healed, leaving a hole into his stomach. Eager to rise up from his humble origins and insecure about his rural medical apprenticeship, Beaumont seized the opportunity to experiment on his patient to establish his legitimacy as an elite physician and secure his prosperity. Beaumont personifies the best and worst aspects of American ambition and power.

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